Eco tour package "Lithuanian Sauna Treatment with Sauna Master" for 6-20 persons (3 days/2 nights)

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Lithuania nowadays becomes popular destination for those who search natural unspoiled nature, want to discover beauty of woods, lakes and other environmental surroundings, seek to familiarize themselves with the ancient ways of life. We offer for you to travel in more ecological ways - by train, with bicycles, canoeing, etc. and become a part of nature.

Lithuanian Sauna Treatment with SaunaMaster

Lithuanian bath is probably the best place for people to socialize. The cozy environment of the bath helps you relax, feel part of a microcosm created by the immediate environment. Good mood, relaxation and natural energy – those are the feelings the professional Sauna Masters.


Take part in the introductory Lithuanian bath program and experience the unique excitement! The professional Sauna Master will guide you through special spa rituals. There will be the first steam ritual, aromatherapy with amazing scents of Lithuanian trees and flowers, a salt scrub, whisking with whisks made of birch, oak, fir, linden, maple and other trees, and, finally, peeling with Lithuanian honey.

The program is recommended for groups up to 10 people at our special recommended Spa or at another bath of your preference. Duration of the program is approximately 4 hours.

Package includes:

  • Private transfers from/to the airport or train/bus station.
  • 2 nights accommodation in the 3*/4*/5* hotel (DBL room).
  • 2 breakfasts.
  • Short presentation of Lithuanian SAUNA history and traditions.
  • Rental of the sauna.
  • Natural materials for sauna treatments.
  • Tea and water
  • Towels
  • Sauna treatment duration is approx. 4 h
  • Information package.


Please note: alcohol drinks are strongly not recommended to be use before and during the process.

This private guided tour is available all year upon request and can be tailored further to your individual wishes.


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