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Four capitals of Lithuania

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Lithuania has a history of more than 1000 years long, and during that time the capital was moving along with the ruling power. The most ancient known Lithuanian capital was Kernave - until 13th century there was a big settlement here located on 4 mounds facing Neris river. In 14th century, Trakai became residence for Lithuanian Grand Dukes. However, in 1323 Grand Duke Gediminas settled in Vilnius and the capital moved to the new residence where it remains. Kaunas was a temporary capital of Lithuania between World War I and World War II when Vilnius was occupied and temporarily outside the frontiers of Lithuania.

Direction - Vilnius-Trakai-Kernave-Kaunas-Vilnius

Duration - 1 day/0 night

Trip type: Transport/On foot

Languages - Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish, German, French, Japanese and others.


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