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The tourist's rights are protected by the Civil Code, the Law on Protection of Consumers' Rights (News, 1994, No 94-1833; 2007, No 12-488), Law on Tourism (News, 1998, 32-852, 2011, No 85-4138), and other Laws, and this Agreement as well.

If the conflict arises or dissatisfaction appears concerning the inappropriate agreement implementation or non-fulfilment during the course of the tour, the complaints have to be immediately made to the tour operator's representative. If they did not initiate to solve the complaint, complaint should be represented in writing locally. In case the conflict failed to be solved successfully on the spot, the complaint in writing to the tour operator could be lodged in 15 business days from the end of the tour. The tour operator must respond to the complaint in writing within 15 business days from the date the complaint was received. The issues are solved through negotiation and in case the agreement is not reached - under the procedure established by Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. The place of jurisdiction is where the tour operator is registered.

Disputes regarding improper implementation or non-implementation of the agreement are solved by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority following the order set by the Law on Consumer Rights Protection.

After this agreement is signed, the substantial changes of the agreement conditions (the main part of the agreed services and the price) are possible only with written confirmation of both parties.

In the cases regarding the non-fulfilment of the obligations by the tourism service providers the tourists may address to the State Tourism Department.

The agreement is considered signed when the tourist agrees to these terms and conditions, pays full price for the booking (unless agreed otherwise) and receives booking confirmation from the tour operator.

Tourists, who are citizens of Foreign countries, which do not have contracts with the Republic of Lithuania according to elimination of visas for travel to the Republic of Lithuania, when purchasing a tour with departure from Lithuania / return to Lithuania, must have a multiple entry visa (Schengen or National visa), valid not less than the duration of the tour (detailed information can be found on The relevant requirements are valid if the tour starts in a different country.

The tourist confirms that he/she, before signing this agreement, has read the information related to the tour: information on accommodation and transportation means, services provided during the tour, tour itinerary, time of departure and return. The tourist also confirms that he/she is familiar with the order of the crossing of state borders, limitations on the importing of items, issuance of visas, and other information related to the tour.

The provisions of the agreement are compulsory for the tour operator and all tourists. The tourist confirms that he/she has thoroughly ascertained with the provided agreement and understands its provisions and that he/she has informed other tourists (beneficiaries) that the tour is organized only in accordance with the conditions set in this agreement and that all tourists must follow all conditions of the agreement.

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